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Online War Games To Play

Posted in Default on August 10th, 2008 03:20 AM

   Like most players, your primary criterion in finding the best online war games to play is the element of fun and excitement. Nobody wants to waste his time and effort in games that are not worthwhile. Here are some war games that are worth trying which had received good reviews. All you have to do is to search for them in your search engine and you can readily have a good start for yet another action-packed adventure.

Gringo Bandido
With a Wild, Wild West setting, Gringo Bandido carries an element of fun and excitement. Numerous players had great feedbacks on this game. Your primary objective is to kill all unwanted criminals to restore peace in the Wild West.
It is your goal to kill the bandits and criminals until the most wanted criminal appears. This means that as you progress through the game, you come face to face with one criminal after another with one being "more wanted" than the other. It is therefore expected that you are facing a difficult fight each time you finish one. As you move up the ladder towards the most difficult criminal, you also upgrade your weapons. And the more weapons you collect as the game progresses, expect a more difficult and challenging opponent.

Sundown Shootout
This game is all about the fastest in shooting. This means that you have to be quick when it comes to using your gun and you have to be accurate in firing your target. Expect to shoot in duels. You win if you reduce your opponent's HP down to zero.
Here is the tip. You have to reach your target area fast in order to get ahead of your opponent. This way, you gain as advantage. You can also buy clothes and weapons that can help you towards achieving your goal. Mini-games are also accessible for all players.

The Sniper
For those who find pleasure in war games, The Sniper is one great game should not miss. Based on World War II, you are a British Sniper in parachute behind enemy lines. You have to kill your enemies in one specific area as quickly as possible. You have to be alert at all times since your enemies will shoot you back as you kill members of their troop.

Catapult Assault
For those who find satisfaction in playing with catapults in order to knock down targets, Catapult Assault is one game you should never miss out. This game's objective is to hit targets and knock them all down. As you make a correct move, you win a price.
More entertaining and exciting games are available online. If you like to play different sorts of war games, all you have to do is to search online and you are within a few clicks away from some real fun. You can try out these games and then explore the others available online. Explore multiple possibilities from online war games to play for ultimate fun and expect a wonderful gaming experience.

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